December 12, 2008

Sports Card

Finally took the time to sit down and make some sports cards for the past Fall sports season. I went a different direction this year in choosing pictures where there wasn't a direct pose. I also chose to go with simplicity instead of too much detail that takes away from the actual picture. These were live competition shots. My daughter is a pitcher in fast-pitch softball. She's very calm out there on the mound and her biggest dislike is if the pitchers mound is dirty! What!! --Has she ever really looked at her bedroom! She also loves field hockey and was the top aerial dribbler on the team. She was chosen to enter a competition and represent her team against nine other schools. She didn't win but she was in the top four finishers. I'm proud that she has the confidence to just get out there and do her best and have fun. Anyone need a sports card made? I'm thinking maybe I could start a side buisness...

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  1. Love the looks on the face. Hard work Keep up the good work and Have fun that is what it is all about Grandma


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