December 11, 2008

Cold in NOLA

As we inch through December we've been reminded that Winter is now in control. Today the deep southern portion of the U.S also got a taste of that Wintery mix we all are familiar with in Pennsylvania. New Orleans enjoyed a coating of snow with some sleet and ice. It's hard to believe that there are many in the world whom never experienced the glee of what a fresh snow fall give you. My son who lives part time in NOLA told me he was surprised how excited everybody was about the precipitation. They were out having snow ball wars and simply being joyed in the days events. The last time New Orleans experienced snow was 2004 and before that you had to be there way back in 1989. Hey you know what? I think I would be excited too! Today's pic is of Jackson Square in downtown New Orleans. It sits by the Mississippi River and is close to all of the city action. The fleur-di-lis graces the pic also which is NOLA's symbol. Part of my heart constantly goes toward NOLA with my son being that connection. I never really had an interest to visit NOLA but now that I've experienced it's charm I admit I want to go back many more times to be a part of the wonderful culture that is so differnt from mine.

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