December 19, 2008

Blue Christmas

We had a little snow fall the other day. I was playing with some filters and got this shot. The color white actually can have blue tints so this wasn't too hard to create. As soon as I saw it on the computer screen I thought of the song Blue Christams. If you haven't seen the new video version of the song with Elvis and Martina McBride go looking for it on youtube. It's great. Christmas can be a very special time for families or firends to connect but it also can be a lonesome or sad time for those who face the loss of someone they've cared for or someone who can't make it home for Chirstmas. Remember and say a prayer for all those who are facing a difficult time around the holidays. Many military families struggle through the season too so say thanks to a soldier for all they have to endure. Others are faced with tough times with the economic situation and also need our thoughts and prayers. Try to make someones Blue Christmas a Merry one.

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