December 2, 2008

December days

...................Ooops forgot yet another month passed by. Retiring the November banner and pulling out Decembers'. December brings Winter, Christmas and even a few birthdays. The year is coming to a close and it feels like we were just getting started. Mr. Snowman to the side is actually a gourd. Just where does some people acquire their imaginations? What a clever idea and again I ask myself --why didn't I think of that? Growing up I thought gourds were only good for throwing at your brother when nobody was looking or for drying them out and shaking them to make a little music. The ones that had a handle made good maracas! Go make some music and be joyful!!! December's header is actually my tree along with a tree ornament. The nativity scene sits on my mantel. I thought I'd share a little from my house to yours.

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