December 19, 2008

Christmas Concert

Another successful Middle School concert. I'm so proud of all the kids who get up on their stage and do their best whatever it may be. I personally am drawn to music and enjoy all the effort that goes into teaching kids. Music can be a part of your life for all your days and what you learn when you are young isn't forgotten. Each of the students has had to practice and attempt newer and harder skills each step along the way. Last nights concert proves that their time and effort pays off. My daughter (with and endless smile) played her flute with a friend for a great duet. Katrina (in her new little black dress with the white sweater) seranaded us. Lucas (with the white shirt/glasses and great smile) drummed his way into the songs. They all did a fantastic job. Way to go!! --and thanks to Mr. Gray and Mr. Houpt for all of their hard work.

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