December 20, 2008

Merry Merry to you and you and you!

Yes I'm probably experimenting too much but it's an innocent outlet to fill some moments. Today I'm posting my Christmas card. If I missed someone (like the world) well then consider this my Christmas greeting to you and your family. This is really my tree from my living room --condensed of course. The second pic is a tree from my yard. It's the same tree where I got 'Blue Christmas' from! I added some zany touches and just had fun. If you want to get rid of stress sit down and color and really get into it or paint, or find some playdough, or color the 2008 way - on the computer! Now that I got rid of the pent up stress for today it's time to really get something done. --Don't you love the Christmas season!

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  1. Love the card Holly. Merry Christmas to your family too!



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