December 4, 2008

Vegas Baby

Some shots from Vegas today. I spent a week in Vegas and couldv'e spent three. I was just getting started and it was time to come home. I had the company of some old time Vegas goers which helped in getting around and seeing everything possible. We were joined by friends of the couple we were with who were from Ridgecrest, CA. It turned out great because he was a photographer who spent 30+ years working for the Navy taking picture from the tail of planes at China Lake in California and now has a photography business. We had lots in common in that I work with folks from China Lake and I had lots of camera questions for him. Being that he grew up in Vegas we had a first hand tour and stories of how it used to be. We went to old and new casinos and they both had a certain flair that was all their own. We ventured up to ole Vegas or Fremont Street. (above) The first pic is of Binion's which is still famous for holding poker tournaments. --You know those boring shows that take over the Travel Channel from time to time.

I also spent time on the Strip both in the day time and at night and what a difference a few hours can make. The second pic is from Paris Casino. What details are taken to give the tourist that exact feel of being in another place and time. I love stained glass windows so this was simply awe inspiring for my eyes. The third pic is from just outside Paris. (can you see the Eiffel tower in the corner) this fountian was another mesmerizing time for my eyes. Again I say --what details... Did I gamble you may wonder. Yeah but I just enjoy the other sights so much that gambling was way down the list but hey if I'd be lucky enough to get a big win - well Yippee! Okay so the sights and gambling were top-notch but what about the shows and food and drinks oh and the Hoover Dam!! I'll leave that for another blog.

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