December 17, 2008

My Grandparents

Before and After: Took another direction today and attempted to do some restoring. I found this picture of my Grandparents in an old box at my parents house while rummaging through for pictures for an anniversary party. It was crumpled and folded but it captured my eye. (was it love?) I flattened it then scanned it. It took some patience but I got it where I was satisfied with it. I never met my Grandmother but I plan on doing so within the first day of arriving in heaven. My Grandfather was a special man in my life. I have nothing but good grandparent memories of him. He taught us grandchildren many things. Do you know what a toot is? What year was this taken? I need to find that out. Maybe my Mom or my Aunts and Uncles can fill me in on that bit of trivia...

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