January 20, 2009

Kings Gap - My World Tuesday

Today's post is once again of one of my most favorite spots close to home. It's Kings Gap Environmental State Park located close to Newville and Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It sits on top of the mountain over looking Cumberland County. The mansion located here was once a Summer home to a local family. Today it offers many hiking trails over 1400 acres and wildlife watching opportunities by the dozens. Classes of all kinds are offered from 'going green' to how saw-whet owls migrate. Even star gazing and master gardening skills can be conquered here. Several times a year the mansion is opened to the public for tours. Other special buidings on the property that are sometimes overlooked are the carriage house that has a pulley drawn elavator to lift the horse drawn wagons and in the same building is where the horses were kept. Another special place is the water tower that was used for the home. Of course through time modern plumbing and wells were eventually put to use but venturing around the grounds takes you back in time. It's a treasured gem close to home and the spectacular views of the farm laden valley are breathtaking especially at sunset. Each season offers it's own uniqueness but my personal favorite is in the Fall. -- I've blogged many times of this location and probably will return here yet again. Click HERE to go to My World Tuesday and take a trip around the world.


  1. If I lived near there I can see myself going all the time, too. Interesting, terrific post!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to hike and enjoy the area.
    Beautiful view!

  3. This is just the sort of post I love. A beautiful and historic place presented through the eyes of one who loves it. That was great, thanks.

  4. Love the stone edifice, the green lawn, the tall trees, and brown leaves. No wonder you love this place. It is very picturesque. I would love to hang out here also and soak up the atmosphere!

  5. Thanks for posting. This is near enough for me to visit & looks like my kind of place.


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