January 4, 2009

Torrey Pines Park

On another day and another adventure we went for a drive on the Pacific Coast highway. I saw a million places I'd like to go back and visit but of course there were beaches to see. This first picture was different than most in it was completely covered in pebbles. It was a surfers beach and it was extremely windy. I suppose that had something to do with the surfers liking it so much. I regret that I don't know the name of this beach but an acquantiance that took us here just wanted us to see another kind of California beach. Surf on dude!!

Along our drive we went high onto the cliffs of Torrey Pines State Park. Did you know that Torrey Pine is the most rarest pine in the world? Some may recall Torrey Pines being known as a golf mecca. We were fortunate that as we drove through Torrey Pines it was the weekend of the PGA Buick Open. We were on the lookout for Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk! Although we couldn't enjoy the golf tournament we did thourghly enjoy hiking around the Park. We had to leave one of the non-adventurers sit on a bench because you just can't hike in high heels! If it wouldv'e been me though I sure would have given it a try!
Looking out over the cliffs to the ocean was breathtaking. The hiking trails went on for miles and the beach at the bottom was beautiful. The trails zigged and zagged beyond belief. There were deep creaveses to avoid. I do believe they have trouble with those infamous California mud slides here that we hear about on the news from time to time.

We were so busy enjoying the scenery and little critters and ocean, and pine, and rocks that I didn't take alot of pictures. Of course this was before we were into the digital way of life. I'd like to go back and capture some more of this rare beauty. We surely have been blessed here in the United States with such wide and varied landscapes that you could travel a lifetime and not be able to see it all.

My most favorite is still yet to come..

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