January 4, 2009

California Dreamin

I'm always dreaming of where I want to go and what I want to see and do and forget the great places I've been. I have opportunities to see some of the United States through traveling on my job. I don't always have the time to 'see it all' but I have made the most of every free minute no matter where I've been. These pics are from Coronado, California just across the bridge from San Diego. By in large this has been the best sunset beach I've encountered. You can see North Island just to the right.

Each day after the conference we had literally moments to get to a new point each day for the sunset. We'd plan the event over breakfast or lunch and I'd pan the maps to find the quickest way to get to the edge of the water. Here on Coronado there's a weeks worth of sight seeing to do. There's Coronado Hotel which we scanned through but why oh why didn't I take pictures!? The bridge to get to Coronado is an adventure itself. The next few days I'll rummage through my memory and go do some California dreamin about San Diego. It left quite an impression on me and I long to go back except this time slow down and enjoy even more of the area. My first view of San Diego was from the airplane. What a landing! You need a great pilot to put the plane down here but thankfully there weren't any deterrants! We got around by bumming others rental cars and we took off and saw all we could see. What great adventures! We stayed at a resort on Hotel Circle and that alone could've been a vacation. Thankfully we didn't get to witness any earthquakes but I do wonder what it would be like..... to be continued....

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