January 10, 2009

San Diego Wrap-up

I ventured a different path this week by blogging about a past experience. I enjoyed reminicing and hope someone says to theirselves hey I'd like to see San Diego. I love to go new places even if it's just down the street. I like to experience the things that sometimes are considered boring by others. Just enjoying the nature around in any form is intriguing. ( to me) So back to San Diego. Did I only go to beaches and Mexico and a conference? We did get to go to the offices of some customers from the conference out in suburbia near Serra Mesa that provided even more charming scenery. Another fun time was planning and choosing where to eat what to eat and what time to eat. Food! The other ultimate traveling experience. We ate by the bay, we ate at a movie set, we ate Mexican, we ate steak, we ate at a cool diner. We covered the grand scope of top notch and pretty seedy joints. Some memorable spots were the Corvette Diner downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter and Kansas City Barbeque Diner which is where the movie Top Gun was filmed. We went to Anthony's Fish Grotto by the bay and another day had authentic Mexican food at Olde Towne. Planning where, when and what our meals would be was just another adventure. We stayed at a place called Hotel Circle called The Red Lion Hanalei Resort but I do believe it is now the Crowne Plaza. Of course there was a fabulous shopping nearby called The Fashion Valley Mall in Mission Valley and Seaport Village downtown. Shopping is another adventure to be found and scoped out! Maybe a new pair of shoes! One of the simpliest and most funniest encounters we had was while just taking a drive and checking things out one late evening. We came to a four way stop sign and across the intersection was another stop sign facing us. We pondered and then discoverd.... When we went straight and the street suddenly became a 70 degree angle straight down with a huge warning to check your brakes before proceeding. I don't know why this was hilarious but then again I do find pleasure in the simple life. I've made it sound like my week in San Diego was fabulous which it was because it was the first time I was there but I can tell there is so much we missed seeing and doing (like a boat ride in the bay or whale watching or Balboa Park) so I'll just dream someday of going back and until then the anticipation will be it's own little adventure. I work for the Navy and am drawn to those massive ships and subs we support and San Diego sure delivered. Thanks to all those in the active military and to all those that help make their lives better.

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  1. What a cute post. Glad you liked my city. Thanks for visiting my blog, love your blog. I'll be following.


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