January 5, 2009

California - La Jolla

Wa la~! The Ultimate, the superior, the coolest, the snappiest, the hang 10 beach of all! La Jolla! It was like a postcard every where I turned. For the first half hour I think all we did was stare and try to take it all in. The weather was magnificent especially since at home we heard it was like 32 degrees. The palm trees were swaying the ocean was knocking out that rhythem that lulled you into the stare. We got to witness a beutiful wedding in that perfect setting. Of course we 'had' to venture down to the water. It was the coldest water I've ever felt! We were told the Pacific is much colder than the Atlantic (on U.S. boundries) because of how the Pacific has a northerly current from Alaska. I'm not a scientist so hey I'll believe that!

All that mesmermizing didn't stop there. We rounded the bend in the ocean and came across this picture. Unbelievable! Seals seals everywhere seals! It was called The Children's Pool. It would've been a great little inlet for children but guess who has taken over!? We walked out on the pier to watch the seals coming in from the ocean to the cove then back out again. Many would rest and sun bathe just like us humans upon the beach. We witnessed lots of barking and fighting for the 'best' spot and lots of frockling on the rocks at the bottom of the pier.

We couldn't pull ourselves from this spot. It was like we were in another time watching the seals.

Remembering this picture I had recently saw my cousin's blog where he got to witness an Atlantic seal on the beach in Chincateague, VA. How lucky is that! That got me reminicing about this trip. Thanks Haney for sending me in a different direction on blogger land!

I hate to say again that none of my pictures do La Jolla justice but if you come across anyone who has been lucky enough to have been here I'm willing to guess that you won't hear anything negative. Of course I couldn't afford to live in the most run down shack here but it didn't keep me from appreciating one of natures best! Click here on Dream La Jolla to watch a great photo video of better pics with some soothing music. >>>enjoy!

This is probably the best shot I got all week. I can hear it calling my name........


  1. We're visiting friends in San Diego (we live in Virginia) and are heading to La Jolla today. I look forward to seeing this in person!

    steve :)

  2. You'll love it all! Nice to hear from you. I bought one of your albums and played a song this past week for communion at church. Others commented how beautiful it was.

  3. Holz
    Keep up the good work and remember to go that extra little bit there is always something new just around the next bend.


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