January 18, 2009

From Past to Present

Today's post is from 1914. This is my husband's Great-Great Grandfather Thomas Smith from Riverside, New Jersey. Recently this picture was discovered again and reframed. After some investigating and referring to some writing on the back I found out a little more background information. Upon zooming in on the logo I found that this is a 1914 Excelsior 1000 cc V-Twin engine motorcycle -- one of the top notch motorcycles of the day. The position he is pictured here is called the Rollie Free prone position named after a fellow whom made a speed record in his bathing suit! From what I gather my husband's GG-grandfather was quite colorful.
This is how I started tracking the background of the cycle. --The logo.
Fast forward to 2008 - 94 years later. My husband has that same passion for cycles. This is his Harley Davidson but he wouldn't do the Rollie Free prone position for a picture. So do you think some of this is inherited? We do have a fun time when we get a chance in between my children's activities to take a ride around the country side with some neighbors.


  1. Take care of that old picture! It has an atmosphere a new one can never have (or you will have to wait close to a hundred years.

  2. Great post, putting it all together.


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