January 21, 2009

Camp Jeep!!?

Just a little posterization or solarization and the whole kit and kaboodle. The question swirling around since the new year has come and gone is---Camp Jeep or no Camp Jeep? We are keeping an eye on the web site (click HERE) and so far all signs are appealing. Come on economy make a come back!!!! We've attended Camp Jeep for many years from Branson, Missouri to the Poconos in Pennsylvania and mostly to Nelson County in Virginia. (near Walton's mountain) My daughter has become a Jeep Willy's lover and eyes them up and wants to be driving one. Camp Jeep is a blast for any Jeep owner. There's something for the entire family. Top name concerts, picnics, crafts, sports, kids tent, Tony Hawk, The flying tomato (Shaun White), biking, fishing, scuba diving, rafting, alpine tower, and so much more. Watching fellow jeepers trying to get out of a water filled ditch was a top rated event during the last event. Click HERE to take a glimpse. The trail rides are sellouts and offer the best views and adventures around. Camp Jeep --- Get out there! Comradrie is achevied in these events and if you ever witness two wranglers passing one another on the highway they'll be giving the wave or the nod. Join in all you jeepers!


  1. Great to see a Willy's jeep - haven't see one of those in years.

  2. I never thought of the work Jeep as a verb. Perhaps it is also an adjective. My life? Very jeep.


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