January 15, 2009

Bring back the colors

It's cold and blustery here in my little corner of Pennsylvania. I miss Fall today. The colors, the warmth, the adventures. I find myself staying in doors and not even grabbing my camera. I was so curious about this water tower and wondered what happens to it when the weather is frightful and freezing. I hope to get myself out and about to find out that answer. It's 'just' a water tower but it's so old and still used. It leaks terribly at the top and who would be brave enough to enter the room below? I'm thinking it may only be used for the magnificint garden that is below it and it's emptied through the Winter months. The colors this year were pristine everywhere I turned. Even those pesky weeds brought about the most vivid colors. This is from Kings Gap that I frequently have posted about. When I'm anxious to get out there I always seem to return to this place.

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