January 4, 2009

California - Ocean Beach Pier

Another sunset spot we made it to by San Diego was Ocean Beach Pier. (click for more info) It's the longest pier on the West coast and forms a 'T' waaaay out in the ocean. (There are many piers still waiting to be visited by me in California) We had a little more time on this day and enjoyed walking out to the end to see the sunset. It's always an adventure finding our way to the places we've picked out. The adventure takes many twists, wrong turns, dead ends, and the infamous 'U' turn. I can say though that it always winds up being well worth it. This pier had a small restrauant and bait stand about half way out if you got tired from the hike. The roll of the ocean made you ponder for a second if you wanted to make this trek...

Being that we were from Pennsylvania we were happy to see that they proudly sold Hershey's Ice Cream. Eventually we ventured back to the car after being mesmerized by the rolling ocean. These pictures do not do the pier justice in showing how long it is. It's hard to believe it can withstand a mighty Pacific storm. The town of Ocean Beach was also worth looking around. It was a 'California' surfin town and had the normal beach scene that I could've settled down in for let's say a month or two. The best was yet to come though as on another day we moved further north but still within San Diego county. You may wonder did I get anything done at the conference? I guess the answer would be yes that I got to meet many of our customers from Pearl Harbor, San Diego, Yokuska, Japan, and Puget Sound, WA. Putting a face to a name that you deal with makes my job more meaningful. I had to work but my mind was always one tick off of wondering where we'd go next and what would we see.....

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