January 11, 2009

As I was organizing some of those old photos that pop up all around the house I came across today's picture. My Mother gave me a copy of this a little while back. I believe my Uncle gave her a copy. These pictures are practically non-existant so thanks to whomever is was that passed it along and shared with us all. This is my Grandparents and their eight children. Oh my! Grace, Charles, Edgar, Virginia, Maryann, Kenny, Vivian and Judy. It is more than likely one of the last or maybe only pictures of all of them together. My Grandmother passed away within a year or two of this photo. Can you imagine being a single Father with eight children!! Well you know it all worked out. He done well keeping everyone together in some pretty tough times in the world. Then along came eight in-laws and then 22 grandchildren and now countless great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren and still growing. We all still merge together on Christmas Eve and sadly at funerals or happily at a few weddings. Thanks to Pap and Grandma Nehf we are still going strong! We all have great memories and stories to pass along to many generations.

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  1. Thanks Holly I love this picture and am so proud to be a part of this great family Hope all you next generation keep the family together as in the end family is all that really matters. I love them all Mom


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