February 16, 2009

Willy's world

For a reason I can't figure out yet my daughter is on a quest to find a Willy's. Willy's are old Jeeps that were built and sold from 1946-1964. They made trucks, jeepsters, panel wagons, and station wagons. Most are more familiar with just the jeepsters that were used in World War II. We caught a rare glimpse of a truck this past summer with my nephew displaying it above. Yellow just happens to be my daughter's favorite color in a jeep too. Many of the Jeep Willy's diplayed here today were from Camp Jeep an event we've attended many Summers and the first two are from an event at the Carlisle Army War College museum. She has a special eye that can spot one of these like no other. Do you have an odd passion you just can explain how it was cultivated? To see how other people's worlds are so different and yet so the same as yours and mine click HERE to follow some other interesting blogs.


  1. Looks like she is having fun on her quest!

  2. I believe your daughter has good taste. Besides it's fun to look around at these Willys.

  3. Sometimes the journey or quest is just as much fun! :-)

    Have you by any chance read Simon's Jeep story? Here's the link to his blog, for the Jeep posts you need to scroll down a bit.

  4. My husband is going to love this post! He loves Jeeps...wonder if he knew they were "Willys"?
    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I hadn't thought of Willys in years. And, considering my first name is Willie I should have remembered them. Just no telling what these youngsters will take a liking to.

  6. Isn't she just the cutest Willy you ever saw I mean my granddaughter not the jeep Grandma


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