February 25, 2009

On the Swamp

This is the swamps off the Pearl River in St. Tammany Parish, Lousiana. You've heard about lions tigers and bears - oh my. But have you heard about alligators spiders and snakes -- no way! Which threesome would you pick to encounter if you were forced? It does require some thought. Our swamp tour at Honey Island was memorable. Back in the swamp away from the river was another world with the cypress trees and lurking creatures. If you're ever in South Eastern Louisiana this comes highly recommended. You can see wild pigs or boars to alligator, snakes, gigantic spiders, birds of every kinds, raccoons, and on and on. If you remember a wild lady named Katrina she decided to make a hurricane of a swipe right up this river and things haven't been the same since her visit.


  1. We had a swamp tour in July during our road trip. We loved it, took pictures, enlarged one to 11x14 and hung it on the wall. Magical place those LA swamps.

  2. I love swamps,
    so my choice is easy.
    I never made it down to Louisiana (my big regret).


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