February 3, 2009

Fat Boys and Comfort

I'm bringing this picture today to offer your mind a little warmth from the long winter. This little palm has a long way to grow but from my eyes it offered the right amount of comfort and warmth to my day.
Food always brings comfort and my family and I highly recommend Fat Boys in Kissimmee, Florida. Above is a small wall of past visitors to the restrauant and I'm sure if you offer your mug it'll be there for the next generation. I regret not having a picture from the outside because of user error (me) and losing a days worth of pics which I won't go into here. Click HERE for a more in depth review of FatBoys that offers the finest southern sweet tea along with the best BBQ pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and ribs. Don't forget to taste the beans! I'll guaratee if you're a BBQ connoisseur you'll return here again and again just like us. For the past 27 years this is our first stop for lunch or dinner upon entering central Florida. I hope this suggestion isn't wasted!

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