February 2, 2009

Observable Genetic Traits -- First Place!

Congratulations to my daughter for her hard work on the local science fair. She had to work hard to finish the assignment a whole week early in order to be able to miss school for our trip to Florida. She finished with a little pushing and fussing and to my delight won 1st place within her division. She wasn't the Grand Champion but what the heck she did well. I didn't think she put in as much effort as she should have and of course I got the 'I told you so' quite a few times. She chose the subject of Observable Genetic Traits. She scoured her classmates to see who had unattached earlobes, dimples, forelocks, curved thumbs, and mid-digit hair between males and females then recorded and graphed it. So what is she doing in this picture? Maybe she's observing genetic traits in penguins. Her favorite penguins are the chin straps and the macaronis. Did she get an education by visiting Florida and missing school? I'd have to say yes. She learned tons of things at Sea World and Magic Kingdom and the top thing she learned was how to sucessfully hunt down a good bargain on Converse sneakers!!

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  1. Great Job now tell your mom she needs to buy you a car for winning 1st place... if not a car, tell her you would be happy with a gift card to HUMMMM your Favorite store....


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