February 2, 2009

PGA Merchandise Show--That's my world Tuesday.

2009 PGA Merchandise Show:
Anything remotely connected to the game of golf could be found at the annual PGA merchandise show. The Loud Mouth Golf venue was one of my favorite. I'm eyeing up the pair of pants on the far right for Father's Day this year.
Did someone say it was going to rain? If you ever used a golf umbrella you know why they are the ultimate devise to keep you dry.
Golf club covers by the dozens and dozens and dozens...... You name the character, team, color, state, occassion and they'll help you find the right cover.
Stylish hats. Ladies keep that delicate skin covered on those sunny days on the course and while you're at it look good too!
Indoor driving range. Would anyone like to volunteer to go out there and gather all those golf balls up?
Everyone is infatuated with their pets lately. Have you considered having your very own golf bag cover made to resemble your cherished fuzzy pet?
Our favorite golf cart and to top it off it was the best color - Yellow!!! This one can be driven on the road and has optional full or half doors. Don't you love imagination at work.

My husband is a golf pro at a local course and when he attends this show we attempt to tag along. It's held at the Orlando Convention Center on International Dr. in Orlando, Florida. The building is huge. We walked all day but still didn't see everything. We were able to enjoy the warm Florida sunshine and from what we were told we were pretty lucky because it's been cold there lately. Spring is only six weeks away according to Punkatawny Phil the groundhog here in Pennsylvania. That's right it's Grounhog day~~! Check it out by clicking on HERE! Also check out That's my world Tuesday by clicking HERE to see how others fit into their own world.


  1. OH what I would do to go to that Golf Show. Great pics and thanks for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

  2. Great photos, I really like that golf bag!

  3. Wow who knew you could get all those golf covers and a bag like that, love that cart too.

  4. I want the yellow golf cart NOW for the beach, and one each of the loud mouth pants... they r way way 2 cool i would wear them now here at work.......

  5. That car must come in handy in your climate! BTW - the car named VW Golf is the closest I come to knowing anything about golf. It is in the garage... :-)

    PS Thank you for the nice comment


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