January 21, 2010

History through Faces Carlisle Army Heritage Trail

Even my relatives are passing along their heritage. (thanks, Frank!)

Civil war darning hour. Do you think the fellow in the background is making a contribution in helping keep the home fires buring while the soldiers are off fighting?

There is always an opportunity for shopping through the ages....

Details! From the coffee pot to the frying pan you have your kitchen. From the wooden seat to the wooden table your living room is complete. Your bedroom is undercover and ready for you to catch a snooze. --- Right after you hunt down your dinner, save the deer hide for making a winter coat, chopping your firewood, and just where is the bathroom!!!

So do you think this is an original chair?

Revolutionary good times!

Down in the trench and hoping their hats can repel the incoming mortar.

Wie mein Motorrad?
Thanks to all the reenactors who take the time to portray history in a way that any age can learn something new. Hands on displays and talks with them have you going back to your school years remembering what you've learned. They even give you a nudge to go look up parts of history and discover our past.

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