January 15, 2010

What's behind your door?

We see many fancy decorated doorways along our travels in life. Some we get to go through and others we just ponder.... Some of the most interesting doorways I've seem have been in New Orleans , LA and Charleston, SC. Is it because they both are really old cities compared to many other places? If you take away the intricate iron works on this door it's still interesting with what appears to be etched glass that in itself is beautiful. So what do think has happened behind this door? Maybe a pirate's treasure is buried in the floor boards of this place? Maybe it was a bank that held many people's treasures. Maybe it was a bordello in the alleyway of New Orleans but I didn't see the infamous red light.... Or maybe it was the home of the creole king awaing another Mardi Gras? Just what do you suppose?

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