January 20, 2010

Carlisle, PA Army Heritage Trail

Redoubt #10.
It's the Revolutionary War and we're ready to take the British. The drums are beating, the flutes are playing the the march has begun to take possession of this fortification. This is one entrance way into the Redoubt.

Inside Redoubt #10.
After taking possession we now have control over the canons and feel the safety within the walls.
Vietnam War bunker.
This bunker is built only partially underground and covered with corrugated steel and sand bags. Does it make you feel safe? Imagine you're in Vietnam and it's raining and it's humid and it muddy and this is your only protection...

World War I German Pill Box.
Follow this tunnel underground to a slightly bigger area (see to the right of the pic) where small slats are made in order for soldiers to shoot their enemies from. Soldiers spent considerable time underground actually living in these trenches. Imagine the filth, the smells and how it would feel.....

World War I trench.
See and feel what it would've been like as you wind your way through a WWI replica of a trench. See where a room is cut out under ground used for communications. See where and how soldiers were tended to if they were hurt.

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