January 26, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail Experience

Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania you can experience the U.S. Army through many decades.

Old Glory stands guard and Uncle Sam is still looking for a few Good Men!

The Huey Helicopter
Vietnam Era Big Gun!

Modern Tank

Aiming for you Kid!

Heavy Duty Armour.


Follow my blog for the past few days to capture a small snapshot of the Army Heritage Trail. You won't be disappointed. If you are lucky enough to visit the trail on one of their special events the experience becomes even greater. Click 'HERE' to see their website to learn when these events will be. The trail is always open and makes a great stroll on any day. For an even greater experience the indoor museum is it's own destination. What a great family visit!

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  1. Cool post and photos. The helicopter shot is neat. Thanks for sharing your world from Carisle.

  2. that's a neat bit of history. Thank you.

  3. that's really cool! a good reminder for the next generation.


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