January 23, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - More Buildings

Vietnam War:
I need to find out just what the barrels purposes are... I imagine they could've stayed low in the inside mess hall and they could have proteced the soldiers from shellings? Vietnam War look-out tower. I do believe the jungle is missing though.

Civil War or Revolutionary War Church:
A place to pray and seek guidance could always be found.
Just who has the rotten ideas to eliminate this in out society today?
Can you imagine calling this luxury compared to previous wars?
An actual floor was a great step up.
WW II place of worship.
It may look dull from the outside but insdie the word would be - quaint.
(stay tuned for inside shots coming soon)
When I mention that the WW II housing was luxury this was the measurement for that statement.
By no means do I think that our soldiers lives on the line have gotten better through the ages. They are the true heroes among us. Their living conditions have been awful throughout the ages and till this day it is not a five star hotel let alone a one star. AAA would not even consider rating the living conditions that our soldiers have to endure. A huge thanks goes out to them and their families and I pray that they we all continue to seek out our places of worship for the guidance we need today.

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