January 22, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - Buildings

Civil War Era:
Barn? Home?
Which ever it may be it is compact!
Civil War Village
Very interesting to investigate inside each of these structures. I do believe anyone that may be tall could have had a few issues. So just how did Abe make it through these doors?

The Carlisle Forge:
We've seen nails being made here and even shell casings. I guess the Blacksmith was on his lunch hour or called it a day since he closed up shop for the day.

What a respected Revolutionary home. It's completed with a great fireplace and running water! Just 'run' out the front door and fetch the pail and toss it down the well and 'run' back inside. Imagine retriving the water at 30 degrees and the winds whipping across the field.....

A typical French and Indian War block house:
Step inside and crawl upstairs to see the small holes used to be on the look-out for enemies and to be able to shoot. You sure would need to be a marksman to get the job done.

It may not be a building but it most certainly was a home to many families as they trekked across our country to the adventures in the Wild West.

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