April 19, 2009


Who doesn't appreciate the single flower. Who does appreciate the dandelion? Weed? Beauty? Medicinal? What if the trend started that whomever can grow the most dandelions in their yard would have the most coveted yard of the season? They offer a vibrant color that hasn't been around all winter. They also offer a healthy salad with it's leaves and I've always heard a little wine each day can help with those arteries so why not try dandelion wine?

I've heard that if a dandelion bloom stayed open all night it meant rain the following day. If you sniff a dandelion and your nose turns yellow, you are in love or did it mean you like butter? It was believed good luck to carry a few among your wedding bouquet, as it would bring prosperity to the marriage in money, children, and health. It is to be bad luck to pick dandelions in a cemetery, except to lay them on a loved one's grave. And who hasn't showed a young child how to blow a dried up dandelion and watch it scatter? My first memory of dandelions? Hold one between your thumb and pointer finer and flip the head of the flower off as you say....Mama had a baby and it's head popped off. Now where did that ever start?

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  1. When they come you know it is spring. The grdeners hate - I think it is lovely.


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