April 15, 2009


Living what? Lagniappe -- a little something extra! Since my son has moved to New Orleans I've learned almost another language and culture. I enjoy learning about history any where I've been and New Orleans has opened up a whole new area for me. It's such a unique city from any other city I've been in. It has it's own flavors and fun. I've learned about eating beignets, muffulettas, Kings Cakes, Red Beans and rice (yuk), cafe au lait, gumbo, jambalaya, andouille sausage, crawfish, BBQ shrimp, etouffee, grilled oysters (my personal favorite), and I've only just begun!! I need to go back many more times to experience the rest. Today's pic is from a fun trip where we arrived at dinner and were seated on the side walk tables. We found out we had some of the coveted seats but the most coveted seats was in the back of a small pickup truck pictured above. Go figure! Entertainment was pretty astounding seeing that it also came from the back of another pick up truck (pictured above). He rated up there with Billy Joel! Of course the source of all our laughs come from the three stooges - Cory, Tyler and Alan. Don't ask what they were doing.... To them this was free meal night on Moms and Dads so of course they picked a quite expensive joint but to our surprise it ended having some of the best food around and the atmosphere was the best with great friends. The place? Jacques-Imo's.

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