April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!

Yesterday was my nephew's 9th birthday. Nine!!! Oh how the years roll by.... This is my favorite picture of Cody because I got him to smile a genuine smile instead of one of those forced ones! He is active in many endeavors like a fabulous soccer player and a stunning baseball player and who can forget a great take down wrestler. On the side he also participates in Boy Scouts and can read all those big chapter books without any help! Whew -- that all makes me tired. I wish him the best and I enjoy watching him grow up into a fine gentleman. Happy Birthday and of course..... Cha Cha Cha!!!!

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  1. That smile is one of his genuine smiles that melts this old ladys heart. Cody you are growing up to be a handsome young man wishing you lots and lots more happy birthdays Love ya grandma


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