October 1, 2008

Goodbye September

September has come and gone and Fall has arrived to welcome October. It was goodbye to my intro banner and hello to a new month banner. It's a month of brilliant colors in the mountains and in the sunsets. This is World Series month too and the question is --How far will the White Sox go!!!!? My son Cory turns a whopping 20 this month. No more teen years for him! He continues to grow into a wonderful young man coping with college life. I'm just so darn pround of him. It's a huge birthday month with my Dad, my Mother-in-law and my Brother. Happy Happy to everyone! It's Halloween -- Boo!, and Columbus sailed the ocean blue along with time to remember what to do in case of a fire. -Fire Prevention week! And all you beautiful women get those mammograms this month!
Happiness on Earth ain't just for high achievers.......


  1. I m having trouble remembering what 2 do in a fire… is it woman and children first??? OMG 20 yo… I thought your only 29??? I m rooting 4 the Baltimore Ravens 2 go all the way… jus kidding I like e the Pittsburg Pirates… yes in 1492

  2. Ha Ha. Susan and I are firewardens for code 01 so we are in the know for those fire drills!


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