October 18, 2008

Cumberland Couty, PA

I spent another Saturday out in the exquisite Fall foilage. These pictures are from places around Cumberland County, Pa. Seeing the colors of the world as you drive around puts you in a peaceful mood. These are all places that I've been to all my life and probably never fully appreciated. I'm thinking we need a Pink Jeep Tour of these beautiful surroundings. My parents and daughter and I spent the day at a Meadowbrooke Gourd Farm, (see my gourds in the pic above) beautiful Opossum Lake, and viewing the North mountains. Opossum Lake has been attempting to fix the dam. I sure hope that all the efforts put into this follow through so the next generation can enjoy a day at the lake. Just these places alone could expand into a full day of site seeing. Maybe I need to think about that business venture....Pink Jeep Tours!

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