September 20, 2008

Camp Jeep

This is our recently acquired Jeep! A 1998 Wrangler-Laredo. We've been attending Camp Jeep for about seven years. We've been to Branson, Missouri, the Poconos in Pennsylvania and primarily in Nelson County, Virginia. (you know - where the Waltons lived!) It's a three day event with tons of family fun-filled activities. We go trail riding, arts and crafts for the ladies, even feet massages, rock wall climbing, alpine tower and other sports events, Jeep round table sessions, mountain biking, fishing, and so many more activities it's hard to recall everything through the years. The most memorable trip was out to Branson, Missouri. Seventeen hours in a Jeep Wrangler with a family of four. Whew! We stopped in St. Louis and explored the Arch and went to Springfield to the largest Bass and Pro Shop. Branson, Missour was it's own individual vacation aside from the great days at Camp Jeep. My sister's family and my parents went also and we had a really memorable time. Every year is a new adventure. The event ends each year with a headline concert (Tim McGraw, The Blues Brothers, Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Leann Rhimes to name a few) and some of the greatest fireworks any of us has ever witnessed and their even to music. Well due to the economy crunches Chrysler cancelled Camp Jeep 2008 and stated that they will now hold the event every other year; so we are all looking forward to next year - 2009!!! We purchased this old jeep and will making modifications to get it ready for some great trail riding. Hopefully my one brother will purchase a Jeep also and get to experience the adventures. Get Muddy! Have Fun Out There!!!!

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