September 12, 2008


Flinstones~ It's the Flinstones! Have a dabba doo time a yabba dabba doo time, we
had a grand ole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over the Summer it was discovered that there's such a thing as a Dickies store! My 8 and 10 year old nephews thought it was hilarious. Every time you say the word Dickies you have to laugh afterwards! On a rainy night at the beach and the shopping centers are closed we had a memorable time taking random pics and laughing all the way. As I retell the story of Dickies I then recalled having dinner with my 19 year old son and two of his college friends. They all had ordered a crawfish platter and one of the portions happened to be crawfish balls. The boys or young men went on to ask one another if they wanted one another's 'balls' or to eventually toss their 'balls' at one another. I realized then and there that if a boy/man is 8 years old or 19 years old they never really change. Now if I can just learn to accept it.

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