September 23, 2008

Music madness

Music. I was taught that music was the universal language. I am mesmerized by music of just about any kind. Of course there are certain songs I may not like but overall I appreciate any genre. My daughter has now found the love of music in the piano and the flute. Through the music she studies at school or sees in a movie or hears on the radio we look up the hundreds of books and pieces of music I've collected through the years and realize that music has a way of recirculating. Her latest craze of the movie Across the Universe (The Beatles) and Mama Mia (Abba) has pushed her in new directions. The movies Moulin Rouge and The Sound of Music encouraged her to widen her range even further. The broadway plays CATS and Phantom of the Opera are yet another avenue to explore. Our I-tunes library is expansive from country and pop, jazz, insturmentals to rock and roll and even Gospel with a little bit of rap brought into our world through pop culture - and who can forget Elvis! Does anyone ever really tire of Billy Joel or Jimmy Buffet? With each passing year it's interesting to hear new sounds and go back and compare them to another decade. So do you think Patsy Cline or Benny Goodman's music will be on the rise in the future? Just wait and see..........!

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