May 15, 2017

Taughannock Falls ~ Trumansburg, NY

The Finger Lakes area of New York has much more than just wine!
Taughannock Falls is worth the stop.  
You can witness the layers of time!

With the Spring rains we had the night before the water was running high and mighty!

This would be more than a cool dip.
It would be a freezing dip!

You can hike back to see the falls from below too.
It was a muddy kind of day and we had our puppies with us, so we decided
viewing the falls from above would suffice.  Either way they're beautiful! 

What else is going on around the world  today?


  1. I need to visit this waterfall again.

  2. What a stunningly beautiful place


  3. What a lot of water! I would love to visit here and see this in person!


Thanks for your visit!
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-- Holz!