May 11, 2017

Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Graniteville, Vermont

The last day of our vacation, we plan for some down time or some semi-local sightings.
Our campground recommended going to the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry.
I was skeptical and couldn't imagine looking in a big hole would be interesting.
I was wrong!
I'm wrong a lot and thankfully I still find an appreciation for the directions I'm sent even
if it wasn't on my radar.  I have to admit wholeheartedly that this tour was sensational!

Looking down in the hole was aided by looking out at the horizon too for those gorgeous Vermont
fall leaves in full color!  The water at the bottom of the quarry is around 600 hundred feet deep.
The color is of course from the granite and its scientific geological names!  It really was that
deep turquoise color that drew your eyes to it. 
Can you see the little red shed  (toward the right side)?  The piece of granite they've been working
on is to the right with a ladder going up to it and another ladder going to the top of the quarry.  
This little (gigantic) slab was over 25+ tons.

This is a closer look at the little slab they've been readying to take out of the quarry.
How may tomb stones will this make?
What beautiful statue or monument will evolve from within?

We were told that this quarry can keep producing granite for another 1400+ years.
If you keep your eyes roving around you'll come across their logo in more places than originally thought.  They provide many many businesses with their granite.

This tall langly thing is a derrick.
It's responsible for helping the workers get the granite out of its spot.
All those wires going literally all over the mountain is what keeps the 
derrick in place when handling tons and tons of weight.

This is one of the derrick tie downs.  The granite helping to secure the wire
is a couple tons.  Who came up with all of this technology!

Anyone for a swim?
The quarry isn't open over the Winter because of the bitter cold and winds, but I'd like to experience
it at that point.  --maybe for just 3 minutes!!

Check out the next statue, monument, grave memorial you come across.
Vermont may have had a hand in providing the granite.

Check out their website for pictures of the beautiful artwork they've provided all over the world.

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  1. I work with a fellow that sell headstones (tombstones) and I'm pretty sure some of his come from this quarry.


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