May 22, 2017

Belleville Farmers Market

I'm from the area of all black Amish buggies.
In Belleville  you can find some colorful choices.

Everyone needs a pickup to take home their bigger purchases.
The Amish have their version of a pickup truck too!

There's hay for sale!

On this auction block you can purchase your garden plants for the year or buy 
some delicious vegetables grown for you.
How about a good pecan pie?
How much would you bid?

Things were looking a little sheepish in this pen.
Can you see a warm sweater among these sheep?

Waiting for a new home.

Farms, silos and mountains.
What more could you want in life!?

Farm Country!
Thanks to my friend Susan for sharing her part of the world with us!

What else is going on around the world today?


  1. How interesting. The Amish country fascinates me.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. My parents were from Lancaster, PA. I only lived there for two years. Go back very infrequently now. My cousin, Beverly Lewis capitalized on our background to write many novels about the Amish.

  3. Fascinating post and photography of the Amish and their lifestyle when marketing ~ thanks, ~ my favorite photo is the one of the sheep ^_^

    Happy Weekend ahead ~ ^_^

  4. I drove thru Lancaster 40 years ago. Looks just the same in your photos. Great fun!

  5. Hey now this looks very familiar to me. Just a hop, skip and a jump over the hill from my house.


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