April 11, 2017

Boston walks

A place to call their own!

Massive and stately!

Are all these boats heading out to collect their daily dose of tea in the harbor?

I caught a glimpse of this masterpiece.
Ride a grasshopper, a butterfly, an owl, a sea lion

Faneuil Hall was starting to bustle with activity.

The high temperature of this day topped out at 105 degrees.
These boys have the right idea to stick close to cool water!

Basking in the shade while the splashes of water keep you cool...

The shadows sway and seem to say, 
“Tonight we pray for water,
Cool water.”
And ‘way up there He’ll hear our pray’r 
And show us where there’s water, 
Cool, clear water.
                                              (Bob Nolan)

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  1. That cute little duck house is just amazing! I love it!



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