April 7, 2017

Quincy Market - Boston, MA - Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Does Boston have any history?
Can you spot George Washington?  How about Sam Adams?   
Susan B. Anthony?  Ted Kennedy?
Lunch and a speaker or shopping for the week, it all has happened here and so much more!

Get there early before you can hardly walk this path and stand in line for a bite.

You gotta have some chowda and a lobsta roll when in town!

Double decked seating after you find what suits your taste.

Although I didn't get to relish in a Durgin-Park meal on this Boston outing, I still have to give
it a plug.  As they'll tell you this place was established before you were born!
Grab some grub and be ready to tell them 'what the hell you want', because you'll be asked 
just what that is!

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