April 17, 2017

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist; Charleston SC

After ravages of fire and war and money, a steeple was finally build to complete
this beautiful Church.  From a distance you see the sandstone bricks but up close 
you can see the additional efforts put into each and every brick!
(See below!)

The cross invites you in.
Can you see the bricks a little closer now?

Can  you imagine putting these stars on each brick by hand!?
Each and every brick is covered with these stars.

Look agains from a distance to see if you can now spot the stars?
I'm going to imagine  the stars are a representation of Abrahams descendants.
More than the stars in the sky!

What else is going on around the world today?


  1. What a great cathedral - those bricks are indeed impressive.

  2. what a beautiful church. I've never seen bricks this intricate before. simply beautiful.


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