April 3, 2017

Mt. Washington, NH Whether or not there's Weather!

In September the ice is already starting to form.  It will soon be a solid fixture for several months. 
 On this spot some of the highest wind speeds have been recorded.  231 MPH!  
It'll blow ye over!

This original building is chained to the ground and I'm told you can still feel it trying
to come up for a whirl.  
This would've been quite the trip for Dorothy and Toto!

Look close for the ice build up.
This is called rime ice.  It's forms from the fog and wind. (and it wasn't even Winter yet!)

Lots of outdoor equipment is used to measure the weather on top of Mt. Washington.
You'd have to be a scientist to understand it!!

The  windows offer  a 360 degree view!
Imagine being inside for a wind gust over 200 mph!

High above those clouds on the horizon, the weather monitors keep an eye on everything.

Everything is buckled down in two or three ways.

I'd love to experience this in the middle of January, but I'm not sure how my nerves could take it!

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  1. What a wondrous place ~ not 'my cup of tea' ~ those that 'man' that place must be very hardy ~ Lovely photography of the top! thanks ~

    Wishing you delight in your days ~ ^_^

  2. Amazing images!!!! Truly. Yet, I still can't get past the 231 MPH...oh my oh my.

  3. I enjoyed this post and your photos! I love New Hampshire!My husband and I drove up Mount Washingtone years ago! It was one of the most exciting mountain drives we ever did as that road up is so steep and narrow, and going down is even a harowing drive. One of my nephews did a mountain climb there and his groupo battled 71 miles per hours winds.


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