April 30, 2013

Carlisle Events Spring Car Show 2013

--Just a few of my favorite wheels

What's not to like?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang comes to mind.

It's like driving your apartment around!
Honestly was this ever paralleled parked?

The only one we could find in the whole place.
Just wait a few months till a year and my husbands will outshine this one!

At first I thought it was The Thing!
I was quickly corrected that is was a Willy's Jeepster.
So the yellow Willy's wasn't the only Willy's after all!

Everyone need a gangster car!

Yeah --  This was my favorite ride of the day!
I think someone was in my parents garage and stole my childhood bike!

This one brought back some memories.
Although it was a 1977 Camaro the body shape and color was exactly like my 
first car which was a 1974.

Perhaps this is where the movie makers came to get the cars for the movie 
The Great Gatsby?

--Ha!  Just had to share this.  
Any parent can understand this from time to time!

But its modified and its a 'Super' Beetle!

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