April 29, 2013

Carlisle Events Spring Car Show 2013

My hometown Car show -  World renowned!
Spring 2013 Car Swap Meet and Coral

These guys come prepared to carry and haul their cars out piece by piece.
Some were unique in the making and some were just --  well just a garbage can 
attached to wheels.  Whatever it takes -- to maneuver those car parts from one 
persons garage to another's.

Some did double duty acting as a billboard advertising what they had for sell or what 
they were looking to buy.

Some grocery store will be looking for him!

He's telling how he modified his kids wagon with heavy duty sides and looking 
to fill is up!

Wheels are a necessity!

Not only is a grocery store missing a cart but it also had been modified with some
pimped out wheels.

These guys will have a modified wheel rolling devise for the next show; but
when all else fails a little muscle goes a long ways.

It's time to show their wives the special charms they've purchased!


  1. Looks like a cool event that I suspect attracts some interesting and quirky folk. I do like quirky



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