April 11, 2013

Bryant Park - NYC

Bryant Park
My personal favorite spot in New York City.
(except for Fashion week and Christmas season)
I've stepped away from blogging for the last while for  the usual reason - busyness.
Reading those antique things called books, (especially 'Bonhoeffer' by Eric Metaxas), 
learning yoga, running (my own version of it -- slow), catching up on movies, 
learning some new songs on the piano.  Oh and that thing called work or 
my reason to gain a paycheck. 
 In other words I've been venturing in my other activities I enjoy.
Then there's the small issue of misplacing my favorite point and shoot camera.
Where oh where is it!   
This left me with the issue not being able to randomly shoot those random
things I come across so I've been out of spontaneous ideas lately.
A trip to NYC though gave me a push.  
My iPhone turned out to be not such a shabby camera back up!
Let's hope I get back in the groove now.
But the weather is breaking and there's biking and hiking to be done!

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