May 6, 2013

Carlisle Events 2013 Spring Car Show -- The Unusual!

2013 Spring Car Show
Carlisle, PA
This displays just a smidgen of how big the show is in Carlisle.
If you can't find a car part here there's a problem!
Besides cars and trucks and car parts and truck parts the variety
of 'stuff' is also quite amazing!

It was a warm day but who knows what tomorrow may bring. 
Always be ready for a a little sledding!

Carburator, head gaskets or a guitar suit your findings?

Maybe you can find a toy that matches your car!

Don't you just feel a little safer with this guy around?

Home made travel home ready to go when you are!

I needed a haircut but $250.00 was not in my budget!

Just the thing I was looking for!
What a bargain!

You can buy your own super sonic jet for a mere $1200.00
I've always wanted a flying car, maybe this is my opportunity!

I know the lion the horse and the buffalo were for sale along with the lamp post, 
but I couldn't find a price tag on the stripped man in the chair!  I have the perfect place 
for him too.


  1. Fun place to spend some time.

  2. Love that shepherd. The quartet in the last shot is priceless, a man the size of a fat buffalo??


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