March 2, 2011

Oasis of the Seas

It's ship time!
We cruised from Feb12 - Feb 19, 2011 on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.
It was a great week filled with relaxation, fun, and choices.  Yes choices.  The ship had an endless supply of ways to spend your time.  I suppose I'm getting old and appreciate the chair in the corner for quiet time.  Prior to the cruise we drove from Pennsylvania with stops in Savannah, Ga and Orlando, FL and onto friends in Lake Worth, FL to spend the night before the cruise.  Just the days prior to getting to the ship was a welcome vacation and we hadn't even began our 'official' vacation yet!  I took way too many pictures to fill this blog for some time to come.  Over the top?  Of course!  Back at the end of last year I hit a lull in blogging but we all need to find 'something' to give us a boost and snapping away on vacation gave me an uplift.  After switching to a new Apple Pro Mac computer and an upgraded version of Photoshop, I've been behind the eightball so to speak and now I suppose is make up time.  (sorry)  Anyways, I've already covered our first stop in Nassau Bahamas and I'm now going to the ship.  Oh what a ship........        stay tuned!

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