March 4, 2011

Living quarters

 A circus?  This is the area called The Boardwalk. (below)  The Aqua Theater is shown but from this vantage point it looks morphed.
 Lifeboats.   (check)  
One of these lifeboats will hold a little over 300 passengers.  I did the check in my head to make sure we all would have a seat!  (just in case)
 Closet?  Nope -  Room for the week.  Had to get this shot in before it became a disaster or drop zone.  This was the only 'small' part of the ship.  In actuality it wasn't really that bad because when Im on vacation I don't like to spend too much time in the room.  Comfortable?  You bet.  I need to check out what mattress this was!
In all it's glory.  
Counter (eight inches wide)

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  1. Bathroon yea you soap the walls turn the water on and spin around twice and your done. Ha tried that a few times ha ginny


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